Why I want to go on a soul search

It’s a lazy Tuesday morning. I have been quite busy writing my dissertation. Strictly academic thoughts are sparsely punctuated by random ones about life. These days I am experiencing a quarter-life crisis, or that’s what some websites tell me. I fill in the questionnaires and voila, I qualify as a woman in her late twenties, suffering from quarter-life crisis. No job, no money, still getting degrees…Well, I realise that this isn’t going to end, you know. I may get a job, I may win a lottery and I may finally finish collecting all my degrees, but, this will not guarantee me a stress-free life later.

I sit down with a cup of herbal tea, listening to Tibetan music of gongs and bells. I try to breathe in the environment. I close my eyes and think, what do I REALLY need in my life? I see floating collages of my family and partner and best friend. So, this is it. I want to spend more time with them. I want to sit in a serene corner of my own cosy little home and sip cups of tea while writing my stories and penning down my poetry.

I would be lying now if I tell you that I don’t need money or fame or a job, at all. I need those too. I also want a healthy body along with a healthy mind.It’s all about a balance between the mind and the body, love and work, needs and wants, I guess. Then I read somewhere that finding my soul-what I deeply feel about everything-would help me find that balance. As I read more on life philosophies, as I try and explore what I left behind, of all the experiences I have had, I will share those with you. This will be like a journey for both of us. This will be like some kind of Reiki healing method for both of us. I am embarking on a holistic journey with you towards a better version of us.

Let us have a happy soul-searching!

Author: The SoulSearcher

The writer is a research scholar in English literature, an avid reader and sucker for life philosophies

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