Hope, or Not?

Life philosophies across the world talk about humanity and peace and love and hope. Well, certain incidents one comes across once in a while are brutal in such nature that one is left pondering over the existence of these ideas-humanity, peace, love, hope, et al. I will not talk about details here, enough has been already said and talked about. I simply pause over one question, is there really anything called humanity? Or is this merely a construct? An artificial label which deceives the humankind from looking into their own dark selves?

I am reading Nietzsche these days and his existential philosophies theoretically build this ground for you to believe that maybe there is no such thing called “humanity” or “hope” for that matter. Let me remind you that I am still a novice in his works. I have just started reading his books. His words may seem dark but are wonderfully written, of course. Just when Nietzsche was making rounds in my mind, I faced a certain another kind of existentialism. I go for morning walks, at least I have started doing so. Someone said exercise is good for your health. So, why not try, for this one time? I drag my lazy self out of bed, get ready for the walk and set out into the beautiful campus roads. Beautiful laburnum trees lay down flower beds for your soles, the lakes sparkle under the growing sunlight, the birds sing their own songs. This beauty is enhanced when you see these brown little  baby wild ducks crossing the road with their mothers, with an ardent desire to jump into the cooling waters. I shout in exhilaration and go, “Awwww they are so cute!” My companions agree. And boom, reality hits you! An oncoming school bus, unaware of these tiny little creatures, drive right through them. Two of the babies are killed. The rest who could run faster than their siblings survived and were swimming in the lake.

You do not really know how to react to such a situation. One minute, I was shrieking for the bus to stop or the babies to run faster. The next minute, I was devastated to see the dead baby birds on the road, shocked just the next moment when the scavenging crows eat them up and clear the roads, baffled when I saw the rest of the flight paddling in the lake. I wonder who to blame. Who was reckless? I cannot find an answer to that. These are animals. And then human brutality leaves one speechless- situations where humans kill humans. The question stays though, you really wonder, whom to blame. Are humans really different from other animals? How do we define “humanity” then? Or, is there really such a thing? Nietzsche doesn’t help either. Then the world will be bereft of hope, peace and love.

However, deep down you refuse to believe that. I don’t know about “humans” or “humanity”. Maybe they are or they are not but there has to be at least a tiny thread of hope, a tiny glimmer of love left in the world. And we-everything around us- need to hold on to that. Whether or not we get to reach the end of the tunnel, let us believe that there is a light there. That’s what will keep us alive, I guess.

Today, I woke up early morning and went to the balcony of our apartment. The green leaves of the potted plants were rustling in the light breeze. As I soaked in the fresh morning air and the songs of the tiny birds who perched on the railings, I felt the existence of peace within me, I felt loved and with hope…and that is enough.

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Author: The SoulSearcher

The writer is a research scholar in English literature, an avid reader and sucker for life philosophies

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