Organizing Your Wardrobe

Last time I talked about organizing your daily to-do list. Since we are on the topic of organization, I thought why not talk about organizing your wardrobes.

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In today’s technologically advanced age, we are flooded with online shopping sites, ads and blogs on fashion. We are so overwhelmed by them that we end up buying lots of apparels. Most of the time we don’t even need so many of them. But we do spend our money on these clothes and shoes. As a result, we are left with less storing space.

Our wardrobes usually turn out to be very messy and full. We cannot find what to wear on a particular day. We usually wear whatever we see in front of our eyes. Even after owning maybe a number of pairs of jeans, we wear only our favourite pair mostly. We also lose a lot of precious time if we have disorganized wardrobes.

In this post, I will share with you a few tips and tricks to organize your wardrobes better.

  • Empty your wardrobe first. To declutter your closet space, first, empty your closet of all your belongings. Stack up those clothes on your bed. Collect all your footwear on the floor. This will give you a fair idea of how many items you own.
Image by Pablo
  • Separate your clothing items according to different categories. For example, separate your jeans from your formal pants, your woollens from your cotton tops and shirts, your scarves from your undergarments.
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I don’t entirely agree to all her methods of decluttering though. She talks about holding your clothes in your hands and feel them. If you think they spark joy in you, keep those. Otherwise, discard them. I do not really follow this tip. Rather, I think organizing your wardrobe is an ongoing process. And to be frank, I find it a little difficult to connect to my clothes in Marie Kondo’s way. You may, of course, agree to disagree with me.

What I, however, follow is Kondo’s method of folding your clothes.

Kondo insists on standing these folded clothes. You may not do that if you don’t like to store them that way.

  • Maximize the storing space of your wardrobe. I stay in a hostel room. So, I don’t really have a very big wardrobe. However, I have come to use the optimum space of the wardrobe with a few accessories I bought online:

Hanging Storage Wardrobe/Closet Storage Organizer

Multipurpose Hanger for Clothes

Foldable Storage Box Organizer for Socks, Undergarments, Tie and Scarves

Storage accessories like these are life saviours when it comes to storing and organizing your clothes in a small closet.

  • Store your clothes in your wardrobe according to seasons first. During summers, keep away your woollens neatly stacked either in the closet (if you have enough space) or in a separate airtight box. This way you not only keep your wardrobe clean and organized but your stored clothes also remain safe and in good quality.
  • Store the clothes in the wardrobe you require now according to a category.Put all the jeans in one space, your formal pants in another. You save your time next time you want to pull away any clothing you require.
  • Store the items you use the most in your eye level. Keep away those you use occasionally.
  • You can use storage boxes such as the one shown below to store your footwear properly. The shoes do not become dusty and also stay in good quality when stored in such organizers.

Shoe Rack with Cover Space Saver Storage Organizer

Everyone likes clean wardrobes, isn’t it? We just feel too lazy to clean them! However, cleaning and organizing your wardrobes offer you with that extra amount of time, when you do not have to worry about searching through a pile of clothes to wear on a day. Why not use that extra time to sit down, relax and sip on a cup of your favourite beverage instead?

If you like my methods of organizing your wardrobes and use them in your lifestyle, let me know in the comment section below. I would love to hear from you.

Happy Soul-Searching!

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  1. I try to make sure to go through my closets pretty often and try to sell on Poshmark or Clothes Mentor..but it’s so so true with online’s easy to buy and not really think where it’s going to go


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