Build a Minimalist Spring Wardrobe: For Women and Men

Image by Pablo

In my last post on Spring, I promised you a new post on a minimalist Spring wardrobe. And here it is. But instead of discussing minimalist fashion only for women or men, why not explore Spring must-haves meant for everyone.

Let us begin…

Must-haves for a Minimalist Spring Wardrobe for Both Women and Men

Chambray Shirts

Chambray shirts are lightweight and comfortable which make them perfect for a spring day or evening. It can be worn both for a formal as well as a casual occasion.

This linen Chambray shirt is absolute wear for this spring.

This chambray cotton shirt can make a great spring formal outfit when tucked in, or a great evening lounge wear when paired with a short skirt or a pair of jeans.


V-necks can never go out of fashion. And they make amazing spring staples too. Jockey has a varied range of V-necks you can choose from and that too at an affordable price!

This peach V-neck T-shirt shouts out spring. Pair it with a pair of blue jeans and you are good to go for the day.

Midi Dress

Springs are incomplete without a floral midi dress.

If you are more inclined towards boho fashion, you cannot say no to this A-line midi dress with a subtle colour perfect for springs. The best part of this dress is-it also has pockets!

Linen Pants

These linen pants from Marks and Spencers have relaxed fittings. They are the best alternative to jeans during springs.

Guys, check out this pair of relaxed fit pants from Marks and Spencers.


Loafers have become a fashion essential now. And loafers such as these are very comfortable for springs. They are breathable and easy to wear too.

Women can opt for these beige leather loafers this spring. You can pair them with anything!


This is a no-brainer. Sunglasses are a must for springs both for the protection of your eyes and for their aesthetic essence.

Ladies, here are a pair of aviators you may like.

Here are a pair of UV protected aviators for men.

Fedora Hats


Fedoras are 19th century broad-brimmed hats which are popular even today. They not only make a classic style statement but also protect you well during sunny spring days.

Check out this beige coloured fedora hat both for men and women.

Any thoughts on spring must-haves for your minimalist wardrobe? Do share them with me.

Happy Soul-Searching!


A tiny note to my fellow Soul-Searchers: If you see any link in this page that you like and you purchase the products by clicking on this link, The Soul Searcher may receive a very small commission. These products are little things that help me live through my everyday. So, I am sharing them with you all. Thank you already!

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The writer is a research scholar in English literature, an avid reader and sucker for life philosophies

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