Deadlines, Smoked Pork and Birthdays

Photo Courtesy: The Soul Searcher

Deadlines Hit My Weekends

There are these moments in my life as a PhD research scholar when I am extremely tensed all the time. Then you must know, deadlines are approaching!

On that note, look at this good book on time management and productivity.

I have a deadline to meet and I cannot think of anything else. My weekdays and weekends all seem the same to me these days. Sitting at my desk, reading and writing and thinking of my work.

Thank goodness I have friends in my life who seem to keep me sane during times such as these.

I managed to go out for The Endgame. Finally. I hate spoilers and avoided them all this while. I shed some tears here and there. It was hard to bid farewell to Iron Man after all.

We had a wonderful meal in the Naga Food Konspiracy. Smoked pork with dry bamboo shoots, sticky rice, boiled dal and veggies. ( I forgot to take a picture of the dish. That’s how hungry I was!)
Photo Courtesy:

I am so tired by the end of the day these days that I don’t even remember when I doze off as I hit the bed. But I still managed to celebrate my friend Anirban’s birthday late last night. It was quite a celebration. It was raining cats and dogs. The wind was so terrible, our umbrellas were useless. We cosied up in one corner near the library of our campus. Our bodies as shields to the crazy winds. Lightening and thunder kept us company. After four failed attempts, we lit the candles. All had pieces of an amazing hazelnut cake. And we gifted him a nice shirt for the summers.

hazel nut cake
Photo Courtesy: The Soul Searcher

Despite an enormous amount of work, I had a good week, I think. But the weekend will not be merciful enough. I plan to do quite a bit of writing this weekend.

As a silver lining to my hectic life, I do have an invitation for lunch this Sunday! Good food with some good company can often do wonders.

Hope you have a good weekend!

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