A Young Lady’s Joy of Gardening

I promised you all that I would share influential stories of those people around me whom I meet almost regularly.

I have been quite busy for sometime now and could not begin this sooner. Finally, I am sharing the first story with you today. And I feel very happy about it. There couldn’t be anymore fitting beginning to this section. This is a story of an organic healing process that is sure to inspire a lot of us.

Story #1

Must office spaces always be boring and dull-looking? Should tiny balconies of our dorm rooms or small apartments only be reserved for clotheslines?

Meet this young lady who pleasantly disagrees.

Konkumoni Boro is a doctoral fellow at the Department of Humanities and Social Sciences in IIT Guwahati. She is almost wrapping up her five-year-long research work in Political Science.

Photo Courtesy: The Soul Searcher

I sit in the same lab as she does. And I often see the greens at her desk. That evening, she showed me how simple yet beautifully she has decorated this little space.

Photo Courtesy: The Soul Searcher

I have often heard of the garden she has grown on the balcony of her hostel room. But the views beat every word.


Konku told me that rainy evening, ” Gardening is a joy for me, you know. It provides me with an amazing sense of peace and calm.”

But she was not into gardening since her childhood. She has her own story to tell:

“I was never someone who would be interested in gardening. As a child, plants were the last things that attracted me. Not many years ago, I lost a very close friend. It was then that gardening became an important part of my life.”

“After the loss, I was desperately looking for peace and solace to fill up the void that was left. I finally found that in the greens, the pinks, the reds and the yellows that bloomed on my small balcony garden.”

Since she started creating a garden on her balcony, she found new purposes in her life.

Konku continued, “My first task in the morning is to see if my plants are doing well. If there are new buds or leaves popping up.”

These plants have given her newfound happiness and peace which she constantly sought for. The love and care she puts into them bloom into mesmerizing beauties.

Her creativity not only lies in producing the exquisite garden that she has but also in the pretty little decorated pots and bottles.

She paints artistic motifs on these used bottles and small earthen pots to make her balcony garden, as well as her desk space, look even more visually pleasing.

Konku heaves a gratifying sigh of relief and says, “Believe me when I tell you this, nurturing these plants and seeing them grow from tiny little seeds into the lovely beings that they are, has been the greatest satisfaction one can have.”

A new member of her life has brought another new member to her balcony garden. How pretty these dainty red roses look! They speak of love and companionship.

As we wrapped up our evening tête-à-tête, she showed me an old photograph of a plant she had. The rains had just given her greens a bath.


Just as her flower seems all fresh and drenched in the cooling rains, Konku also emanated a similar glow of fulfilment and happiness.

I wish she keeps growing her gardens. I pray she receives all the happiness in the world.

I learnt from her how gardening can be therapeutic and calming to the mind and soul.

Thank you Konku for this amazing insight into your life!

Happy Soul-Searching!

Photo Courtesy: Konkumoni Boro (Apart from her creative gardening, she is also quite a good photographer and a true wanderlust. You can reach her on her Instagram page.)

Author: The SoulSearcher

The writer is a research scholar in English literature, an avid reader and sucker for life philosophies

16 thoughts

  1. It was really refreshing to see all the flowers and those beautiful vases. I’ve seen this with my maa too! She too tells us about the happiness she gets by seeing her plants grow can only be felt, not expressed.


  2. Thank you so much Snigdha. There can be no better ways to portray my thoughts and the tiny garden I own. More power to you. Keep writing!!


  3. Snigdha, this one is really well-written! The amazingly passionate person that Konkumoni Boro is, comes alive as one goes on reading. Great job!


  4. I totally agree.

    My balcony garden is such a joy and the birds that visit provide ‘company’ in the absence of a social life and human contact (now that I’m more housebound with chronic spine, hip and leg pain and other health symptoms).

    Tending my plants is like greeting old friends each morning and seeing how they are feeling.


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