About Mothers’ Days and the Choice of Motherhood


Last Sunday was Mother’s Day. A special day to celebrate mothers all over the world.

I read some beautiful posts on it- on a mother who passed away, on Mother’s Day Gift Ideas and some wonderful quotes celebrating mothers.

But I thought, do we really need one single day to celebrate mothers? Do we celebrate this day for the one mother we have? I believe not.

First, motherhood is a choice. It is not a compulsion. If a woman wishes to be a mother, she can very well be one. She can choose to be a single mother. She can choose to be a homosexual mother. She can choose to adopt a child. She can choose to be a surrogate mother. She can be whoever she likes to be. It is a woman’s choice.

Just as it is her choice not to be a mother, at all.

And we must not judge a woman for her choices. Rather, we must extend our support to her. She must have the liberty to choose whoever she likes to be.


Second, if and when a woman chooses to be and becomes a mother, it takes a lot of time and energy of her life. A mother toils everyday for her children. So, we should not need one day to celebrate her and then forget about her hard work for the rest of the year. Instead, why not appreciate her almost everyday and cherish her presence in the kind of relationships we have with her.

For all those who have more than one mother, it was a Mothers’ Day for you last Sunday. Celebrate these women you have in your life.

In fact, it is Mothers’ Days for us all everyday!

Happy Mothers’ Days ❤

Author: The SoulSearcher

The writer is a research scholar in English literature, an avid reader and sucker for life philosophies

4 thoughts

  1. I agree with all your words. Very elegantly put out the practical approach to life without taking away the essence of motherhood we celebrate.


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