These are a Few of My Favourite Things

It is Thursday, the middle of another busy week. How busy are you today?

Do you remember that 1 simple but important question I had asked you earlier? I asked you to name the little thing(s) for me which motivate you to wake up everyday and head to work. Things which are your favourite and motivate you everyday.

Thank you, my dear fellow Soul-Searchers for your warm responses. I have tried to include your wonderful and interesting answers here in this post today.

A cup of tea amidst nature. Well, Monikha, this is one of my favourite things too. I am sure it motivates a lot of us. Have you tried the Organic Hibiscus Herbal Flower Tea yet?

Prarthana says her adopted flowers with their little buds and touch of their green leaves make her happy everyday.

Here are a a few more.

Swagata says a heart to heart chat with her loved one cheers her up. Yes, love is everything, Swagata. Here is one of the best love poems.

While Subhankar’s little thing that motivates him is good food, Biryani does that wonder for Prerana. Which Biryani do you like more? Hyderabadi, Lucknow or Kolkata? Here are the top 10 places to eat Biryani in India.

Nilav and Nitish are on the same page. They think curiosity and learning something new everyday motivate them. That’s quite a big little thing, guys!

Meghna is a dog lover. Funny and cute dog memes and videos light her up everyday. Check out these memes Meghna.

My blogger friend Ilona loves running every morning. She says, “Every morning I run at 6 am. I love running as it motivates me to start the day. I run early so I can see the city wake up little by little.”

Pran also loves to workout. It motivates him everyday. Living and dying fit is his mantra. Great going, guys!

A peg of whiskey does wonder for Biswajeet, he says. Here’s a recipe for this amazing whiskey sour cocktail for you. Cheers!

Bikash and Smriti feel spending some good time with friends motivate them to work everyday. Here are some wonderful quotes on friendship for you guys!

My blogger friend AL loves her family. She says she needs to ensure her husband and her family have everything they need. Doing things for them motivate her everyday. You are a strong, wonderful woman dear with a lovely family.

Halim and Abhilasha are the sweetest of all. While Halim wants to see everyone happy, Abhilasha believes in doing as many kind acts as possible to make others’ lives better. We can learn a lot from them, can’t we?

A cup of tea with bits of philosophy motivates Anupom. A Thousand Plateaus by Deleuze and Guattari is his favourite philosophical text.

Nasimul left me a very touching message. He said, reading my blog motivates him. I cannot thank you enough, my friend. Such words encourage me and yes, they motivate me. I will soon do a post on blogging to keep your request, Nasimul.

But I should thank all of you for your positive responses and encouragement.

What are your little things which motivate you? Share with us.

Your responses are a few of my favourite things πŸ™‚

Happy Soul-Searching!

p.s. photos by, and If you want to reach out to our friends mentioned in this post, you can find them on Facebook or Instagram.

Author: The SoulSearcher

The writer is a research scholar in English literature, an avid reader and sucker for life philosophies

15 thoughts

    1. Hilary, I went through your blog post once again. And then just realised that I did read your post once before and loved it. I had commented as well. I simply love The Body Shop and essential oils πŸ™‚ ❀ I am glad we have similar interests and likes πŸ™‚

      Liked by 1 person

      1. I thought you commented but I couldn’t remember which post it was lol Thanks for reading my blog post and updating me ❀️ Me too, it’s really cool to see that we share a lot in common! πŸ˜€


  1. What i think is a little different though. What makes me happy and what keeps me going are two different things for me. A lot of things make me happy..a lot actually. But then these arent the things that makes me live my life. Sure they contribute, nobody wants to live a sulky life… But then the motivation to go on? Thats very complicated. I thought for a long time before answering you. It isnt exactly learning a new thing. For me curiosity is about what is going on and where are we heading. I want to see that…i am curious about what happens at the end, who has planned all these, if at all there is a “who”, and whether my curiosity and questions are relevant or not? I am seeking those answers actually…πŸ˜…


    1. That’s pretty deep, Nitish πŸ™‚ I was asking of the little daily pleasures one have which are also motivating. I understand what you are talking of. I am interested in these philosophies too. But I do not wish to know of the ending or the destination, I guess. The journey matters more to me. However, I am curious about the ‘who’ though. And whether we really need to be concerned about this ‘who’ at all.


  2. I’m surprised I didn’t comment before, but here goes, friends motivate me, especially one good friend I met while blogging, Ilona, her smile is contagious and her whole life is a real motivation that has helped me a great deal. I can say that here since I know she won’t see it! My cat Muffin would also be on the list, all my outdoor animal friends and getting comments from people saying I made them smile or laugh, that really is good motivation. I could come up with a long list but I’ll stop. Have a great weekend!πŸ˜„πŸ˜Έ


  3. I get motivation from a lot people. But two people who I look up to is Prachi and Mridul, they both are carefree woman who loves exploring new places. Their travel stories are beautiful and filled with adventure and both are theatre artists and I am very attracted to people who love art. The thing I love about them is that they never followed the norms of society, specially when society creates a timeline for you -when to do what and do’s and don’ts, you look up to these people who like a free bird doesn’t care about those chains. These two confident, independent young women are definitely my source of motivation and inspiration. They spread a positive energy towards others and embraces everyone beautifully.

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