We Cannot Keep Ignoring Climate Change Warnings Anymore

Howdy Soul-Searchers? Did you celebrate World Environment Day this year? 5th June. A day dedicated to show our care and nurture towards nature. Really?!

First, look at all the greenery around you. Isn’t it calming to the soul?

pc: The Soul-Searcher

If we like greenery around us, why are we investing so much time and money in taking it down? All one can see around are new buildings, concrete constructions, foolish city plans! We are a modern civilization. Of course, we will have cities and constructions but at least we can be sensible about them.

In my city, there are no proper footpaths constructed for pedestrians. Walking has become a lesser option. The roads are not broad enough for oh, so many vehicles. Buildings are being constructed endlessly by taking down trees and cutting hills.

One can actually feel the air get cooler once one gets farther away from the city. It is hotter on the southern banks of the river, whereas (pleasantly) cooler on the northern side.

Have you heard of this 15 year old Swedish girl called Greta Thunberg? She started skipping her school on Fridays to raise her voice in front of the Swedish parliament for immediate measures to be taken against climate change. Her protest grew large. It spread across countries. She has a simple request – To leave the planet a better place to live in for their generations. Listen to her story. I have attached the link to the video below.

It is fair enough, isn’t it? Instead of showing care for the nature on this single day, we can do our bit every day.

  • Switch off the lights/fans when not in use.
  • Cycle and walk more.
  • Plant more trees.
  • Teach and inspire others to conserve.
  • Stop using plastic.
  • Stop littering and foolishly dumping waste anywhere. Use sensible ways to do that.
  • Recycle and reuse whatever we can.
  • A minimalist lifestyle can be adopted. It produces less waste.
  • Address this problem of climate change among our friends, family and colleagues. If we talk about it, we can realise its urgency and act accordingly.

Well, we have heard of these steps so many times, haven’t we? And we have also ignored them right away. You don’t have to answer that out loud. But we know what we are doing, or in this case not doing. But this is a serious issue. And the sooner we tackle it, the better. Otherwise we will reach that state of being when it will be too late to reverse the process of climate change. Let us not do that to our planet.

What do you think? Add your points to this list of small steps we can take to combat climate change and share this with people you know. Spread this message.

Happy Soul-Searching!

Author: The SoulSearcher

The writer is a research scholar in English literature, an avid reader and sucker for life philosophies

8 thoughts

  1. I would like to thank you for posting this and attaching the video to your post. To be honest, action for change is supposed to be on the large scale basis, yes individuals are trying to do some changes starting from their own home, which is really good. However, the government should need to do something to lower the emission before we humans become totally extinct. However, they don’t do it because they prioritize business and greed, but they are not thinking for the future generations, are there future generations? It is very frustrating to be honest. Here in America people are buying TESLA cars setting up solar panel, which are really expensive, but people are trying – then the government needs to do about it.


    1. Thank you for reading this! I totally agree with you that the government has an equal role to play in implementing necessary measures to combat climate change. This is a such a serious issue now. It is actually scary.

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