Coolant for a Happy Tummy: Fenugreek (Methi) and Turmeric (Haldi) Drink

Project Roohie # 5

pc: Tezaswita

Tezaswita’s story:

“Missing breakfast has become a common occurrence among the youth today. I too am a serious culprit of breaking the breakfast rule.

During my college days, I never took breakfast seriously, and this led to acidity issues after a few years. Until last year, my relationship with gastritis was quite strong (LOL, not kidding though). Almost every morning, either I would be suffering from acid reflux or bile reflux. Although Antacids and Domperidones kept me going, I realized that I had to find a healthier solution to my problem.

I started having Methi powder (powdered Fenugreek seeds) and Haldi (Turmeric powder) water every morning”.

pc: Tezaswita

Here’s Her Recipe:

  • After dinner, I diligently add half a teaspoon of Methi powder and one-fourth teaspoon of homemade or organic Haldi to a glass of lukewarm water.
  • I stir the mixture well.
  • I leave the glass overnight.
  • And I drink this first thing in the morning.

How It Helped Her:

” This remedy has not only cured 90% of my gastric issues but have also helped me lead a healthier lifestyle. While Methi is good for the skin, hair, and weight loss, Haldi has been long known for its antimicrobial properties. But above all, I have started having breakfast too!

If you want to sweeten this Haldi-Methi drink, you may add a teaspoon of honey to it. Enjoy it on an empty stomach!”


Tezaswita Choudhury works as Editor at Byju’s. She loves writing and singing. In her free time, she loves exploring cuisines. You can reach her on her Instagram page.

Project Roohie is an archive of traditional and contemporary wellness tools and practices rooted in the aesthetics of organic living and sustainability.  We welcome recipes and regimes of self-care, health, and diet from your family, community, and cultural lineages. This is a collaboration project undertaken by The Soul-Searcher with House of Noorie.

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