How Hard it is to Keep Trust in Any Relationship

It seems pretty simple and easy to say that there should be trust for a relationship to sustain and thrive. When I am talking about relationships, it can be any- love, friendship, family.

But as easy it may sound, it is actually very difficult to hold onto trust in a relationship. Or, is it?

Image by silviarita from Pixabay

Well, I have personally experienced until this point in life that trust is actually the most important thing in any relationship. We are surrounded by so many people. We come in contact with some of them, we get to know them better and we tend to develop relationships with a few of them. We usually end up getting close to people we think are like-minded.

(This would be interesting to note that WE maybe tend to look for OURSELVES in the other. This could start a whole new debate based on psychoanalysis. But let’s not go there today!)

Relationships we build with people are precious. We pour our love and care into them. We trust them with our eyes blindfolded. Generally, we expect the same from the other person too. Very often, trust is something we do not feel the need to talk about in our daily conversations. It is because we know it is there.

And then, what if either of the ones in any relationship breaks it? It hits one in a massive way, doesn’t it?

Let us Remember:

If trust is that unspoken beauty that binds a relationship, it is sacred.

If trust is something that the other person does not/ cannot keep, that person was never meant to be in a relationship with you in the first place.

If trust is not given due importance, do not consider that relationship worth it. Do not waste your time on toxic people and similarly toxic relationships.

It is actually not very hard to keep trust in a relationship. In fact, it is pretty easy. IF and ONLY IF, the people involved in that relationship are worthy of your time, love and friendship, trust comes easily.

Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay

But, first, trust yourself. You are worth it. You are strong, independent and great. Learn to understand the people around you. And stay away from toxicity. If you are shattered because someone broke your trust, get over it as soon as possible. That particular someone was not meant to be with/around you. You will find better people in your life who are going to respect your trust. Invest in those relationships instead.

Love yourself. I hope you have a wonderful week ahead πŸ™‚

Happy Soul-Searching!

Author: The SoulSearcher

The writer is a research scholar in English literature, an avid reader and sucker for life philosophies

13 thoughts

    1. Probably. But what is more important is to move beyond it. It does not do us good to dwell on people who have broken our trust. Obviously it hurts and it will too. But our strength lies in forgiving them and surging ahead. Because there are better times and better people just round the corner.


  1. Staying away from toxicity is difficult once you start to get drawn in to that person.
    However, we can make an effort to not step into one in the first place. If you fear for your safety or are always insecure while spending time with that person, , there is a good chance that you’re in a toxic relationship.

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    1. You are right in saying that if we are drawn towards a person, it is likely that we find it difficult to move away from that person even if she/he/it is toxic. But it is also very difficult to understand if someone is not trustworthy right in the very beginning. However, once we do realise that the person has broken our trust, we should understand that she/he/it is not right for us. Sometimes, feeling secured in a relationship maybe temporary until we know that person’s hypocrisy.

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      1. Very true.
        β€œNever chase love, affection or attention. if it isn’t given really by another person, it isn’t worth having.”


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