The Benefits of Tea Tree Essential Oil

Project Roohie # 18

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I have always been interested in essential oils. But I had not tried it.

Then one day while spending some leisure time with friends, a massive hive of bees broke out and stung two of us. I did not know till then that I was allergic to bee stings. My swollen finger just did not seem to calm down. I was advised to apply some Eucalyptus Essential Oil to the affected area. And it worked like magic!

I fell in love with essential oils since then.


I came to know that you can also apply Tea Tree Essential Oil to treat bee and wasps stings. I invested in it. Then after much research I found out that Tea Tree essential oil actually has several other uses too.

I use it with a carrier oil like Jojoba for my scalp. It not only helps in removing dandruff but it is also a very calming tool for head massage.

You can also apply it on your face and body. Just add a few drops of it to any carrier oil of your choice and you are good to go.

Benefits of Tea Tree Essential Oil :

  • Tea Tree oil removes spots from your skin and keeps it healthy.
  • It helps in treating Athelete’s foot.
  • It relieves acne.
  • It helps in removing nail fungus.
  • And, it is, as I already mentioned, good for your hair.

Do not forget to first try some on a small patch of your skin to test for any allergic reaction.

p.c: The Soul Searcher

p.s.: Read the benefits of Lavender oil here

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