Cinnamon and Ginger for a Pain Free Period.

Project Roohie # 19

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How was your weekend?

It has been raining incessantly in my hometown. I still managed to catch some happy moments outside though.

Here’s the next story for you all from our Project. Have a nice week ahead!


Sanziwita’s Story:

“I used to get a lot of pain during my periods. I had severe cramps in my abdomen and back, and heating pads also didn’t help. One of our neighborhood ladies told me about the magic of Cinnamon and Ginger, and suggested I try them once during my periods. Three to four cinnamons, crushed slightly, to be chewed raw cinnamon after crushing them lightly and followed by a glass of warm water. Honestly, it brought a lot of relief for me.

The ginger also acts the same. Small pieces of ginger crushed and mixed with salt can really help you get relief from the worst pain of your period. You can adjust/ modify the quantity according to your taste/ need.”

pc: Sanziwita Choudhury

You can reach the writer on her Instagram handle @sanziwitachoudhury.

p.s.: Read how ginger has other benefits too, here.


Project Roohie is an archive of traditional and contemporary wellness tools and practices rooted in the aesthetics of organic living and sustainability.  We welcome recipes and regimes of self-care, health, and diet from your family, community, and cultural lineages. This is a collaboration project undertaken by The Soul-Searcher with House of Noorie.

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