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Project Roohie # 20

How are you?

Today’s story is a special one. I have loved their family since the first time I came to know them as a whole. This family is an epitome of happiness and wellness. I hope you enjoy reading about them.


Simona’s Story:

“The first thing that comes to my mind when I think of health and wellness is family.

We are a family of three. We form a small, intimate group which shares almost everything amongst us. Despite growing up as a single child, my parents never treated me any differently. I can proudly say I do not suffer from the single child syndrome (at least from what I believe).


Many people ask me, “Do you not feel the need for a sibling”? Well, frankly speaking, I do not. I literally have never felt any absence around me nor have I had any imaginary characters while growing up.

My father is a lively and extremely humourous person and he has always kept the family alive. My mother is a calm and composed person without whom I might have never made it this far. She made sure to keep discipline in the family running. I look up to both of them for all kinds of advice, suggestions, tips and everything in between. Not saying that I follow them all, at least I try to hear them all!

And one of the most simple ways that we try to keep this relationship intact is through traveling. My parents love traveling and occasionally I join them! Given that I have been away from home for eight years now, I make it a point to travel with them as much as possible. We make sure to take at least two to three vacations a year- not necessarily always to fancy places but short and economical trips too. We definitely take some time out to make these little journeys possible, however busy our schedules are.


One of the best ways to keep that zing singing in our family is through these rejuvenating little trips that take us back to that comfort cocoon we have always been part of. So, I have found that the magic lies in traveling as much as possible with one’s family. Give that time to your family so that you do not regret later. And trust me, it is fun with parents too!”

Simona Sarma is a PhD Scholar in Women’s Studies Department in the Tata Institute of Social Sciences, Mumbai. You can reach her on her Instagram handle @simona_sarma.


Project Roohie is an archive of traditional and contemporary wellness tools and practices rooted in the aesthetics of organic living and sustainability.  We welcome recipes and regimes of self-care, health, and diet from your family, community, and cultural lineages. This is a collaboration project undertaken by The Soul-Searcher with House of Noorie.

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Happy Soul-Searching!

Author: The SoulSearcher

The writer is a research scholar in English literature, an avid reader and sucker for life philosophies

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