The Need to De-stress

Hello, my dear Soul-searchers! How have you been?

Do you remember the last time I promised that I am not going to miss blogging days anymore? Do you? No? Read my previous post, if you haven’t. And if you have read it already, I adore you so much!

Well, it seems I could not keep upto my promise afterall. And why so? Because, only when I was all battle-worn, bogged down and passed through the tunnel to see the light of August, all brightened up and ready, there were a few surprises for me.

The good one amongst all those was I turned 29. Yay! Another year older, although I don’t know whether I am another year wiser or not! I take a bow for those who wished me and so for them who are wishing me now.

But, wait for it, one hot morning at the beginning of August I woke up with excruciating pain on my left shoulder, lower back and neck. What followed were­­ – several visits to the doctors, a few medicines gulped down, sleepless nights, missing work, forgetting deadlines and emotional drainage. My stiff and painful muscles gave a hard time (Damn those muscles!). Happy 29 to me!

After all hullabaloo, I finally got a little better and found the time to settle down and ponder over it. All doctors had to say something or the other, but I found something familiar in all their advice.


Did I know this already? Yes.

Do you know this? Of course, yes!

Well then, why am I talking about this today? Because most of us do know the dangers of stress but still ignore them, all the time. Isn’t it?

We stress over everything on earth,

1.      How am I going to meet my PhD deadline?

2.      Am I (ever) going to get a job?

3.      Where will my relationship(s) be after 1 year?

4.      Where do I see myself after 2 years?

5.      Why am I falling sick so often?

6.      What will they think of me? Blah. Blah. Blah.

Our mind can endlessly wander if we allow it to.

But we have to consider that most of these problems which disturb us so severely are the ones over which we do not have any control. Isn’t it then better to just let these be?

Instead, there are things which we can take control over, like:

1.      I am going to be engaged in (even a little bit of) work everyday.

2.      I am going to keep improving my CV and applying for appropriate jobs at my proper time.

3.      I am going to devote quality time to all my genuine relationships every week.

4.      I am going to enjoy the little things each day as it comes.

5.      I am going to take care of body and mind by eating right, exercising and if possible, meditating.

6.      I am not going to let anyone, ANYONE, affect me and my sanity without my permission.

Do you see it?

I am 29, and this has hit me hard now. As we grow up, we realise how vital our health is for us. And when I talk of health, I mean a complete balance of our bodies, minds and our souls. Let us invest time and energy in keeping this balance, rather than crowding ourselves with a lot of things, issues and people. A little but the best is what we should aim for. It is achievable and peaceful that way.

A balanced body, mind and soul help us de-stress ourselves and remain calm and happy most of the time.

If you are particularly feeling low today, let me tell you, everything is going to be alright. Take in a deep breath letting out the toxicity. Feel nature’s love embrace you. Look up at the sky and feel its vastness. Imagine yourself floating and flying freely up there.

Take a pen and a notebook or a diary and list five priorities in your life- things, issues and people. These should be the ones which you can control. Now, look at them once again. These priorities infront of you define your life for now. And it is good enough. Work on them. Leave the rest for the universe to decide. Chill!

If you have anything you would want to share with me to de-stress yourself, please feel free to comment here. I am all ears. I am going to share my process of healing with you as I keep moving through it.

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Have a lovely weekend! Till the next time,

Happy Soul-Searching!

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Author: The SoulSearcher

The writer is a research scholar in English literature, an avid reader and sucker for life philosophies

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