What is Success According to You?

How was your weekend, my fellow Soul-Searchers?

I couldn’t come up with a post on Monday. I just couldn’t find some pleasant time to write a post on how my weekend has been. August has been very hot this time, especially this Monday. The humidity tires one out.

Well, my weekend had been a good one and I managed to do most things I had planned to (Read my earlier post on my weekend plans here). Look at this pretty little kid I met at my grandma’s place! 🙂

Today’s post is based on a question which I am sure all of us have thought of and so often, heard of. What is success according to you?

Success is something which we are all chasing at some point in time of our lives. But when asked to define it, we all would have different things to tell.

It is a subjective idea. For someone, earning a lot of money would mean success, for someone else, acquiring fame for oneself would mean success. There are no absolute measures for success. One cannot probably morally judge the idea of success. One cannot say that just because one chooses to see a successful life in a package of an apartment in a city, a car, a fat sum of monthly salary and fancy gadgets, that idea of success is the only “right” one. A “monk who sold his Ferrari” may also find success in his ascetic life on a distant mountain. Either of this is not “right” or “wrong”.

What we can do is respect each of these ideas even if they do not match ours. You know, live and let live!

Success, for me, keeps on changing and evolving as I grow up and gather experience. As a child, I wanted to grow up to be millions of things. Most of us wanted that, right? A doctor, a radio jockey, an astronaut, a writer, a teacher, a dancer, a theatre artist, a filmmaker, a civil servant, oh wait, the prime minister of the country! For a school-going child which I was, I found these to be so glitzy, successful career options.

And then, life happened. From all my experiences and lessons I kept learning, I found out my way through reading literature and writing. But I still want to be some of those people I wanted to be as a child! 😀

But along my journey, I realised that success in my definition is never only a career. I realised that I find an immense amount of happiness and peace when I teach. I realised that writing stories provides me with an ability to create my world and that is very fulfilling to me. I still dream of creating stories through visual media someday and maybe I will. However, if any of these turn into a career, it will not be the only thing to define success for me.

To be able to do something which I really love doing, earn something decent of it to carry on my living, to be able to spend quality time of my life with my partner, family and friends, to be able to spend some quiet time with myself, to be able to take care of my physical and mental health­, to have a whole hearty laugh– maybe all of these would be a successful life for me. I do not want something very huge and magnanimous, you know.


But that doesn’t mean I should disrespect someone who wants to earn a lot of money or wants a degree from a foreign university or wants to build a gigantic estate for a living. Everyone has their own lives to live, their own worlds to face and their hills to climb. It is their sacred space which depends completely on their own decisions. And we should be respectful of that.

p.c: The Soul-Searcher

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Share your ideas of success with me.

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Have a good week ahead! Till I come up with a new post,

Happy Soul-Searching!

Author: The SoulSearcher

The writer is a research scholar in English literature, an avid reader and sucker for life philosophies

2 thoughts

  1. So true! defining what success is, for YOURSELF, is so powerful. I’ve found that once I started defining success for myself, rather than based on what I thought success is supposed to be, I was able to get 1000% more passionate and excited about my endeavors


    1. Thank you for reading my post and for your encouraging words beachbumpoet! You have totally nailed the pin on head. The idea that success is can be so enticing at times but our own perspective of looking at it makes its conception easier. And this further has an everlasting impact on how we live our life henceforth.


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