September is Here and So is a New Hope

Dear Soul-Searchers,

September is here, and so is the hope for the onset of Autumn. The sweltering days of August are gradually subsiding. It is still hot now, but the sun doesn’t scream on top of your head anymore. It has mellowed down a bit. It is also raining more frequently now. Atleast the sky is more relaxed and heavy with clouds.

The afternoon rains came suddenly yesterday preceded by a dusky sky. The windows which I had shut to avoid the sun were opened wide. A gentle breeze crept in through the window sills and caressed my soul. The wilting plants in our balcony awakened from a slumber and seemed joyous.

I can usually smell the rain from a distant. My brother teases me for being so weird. His childlike mind can only think of me as such for being able to smell the rains even before they arrive.

I could smell it yesterday afternoon too.

The rains came and brought so much happiness and hope alongwith them.

The languid feeling of the searing summers will probably leave for this year now. The air will hopefully smell of festivities soon. The Kohua have already started blooming by the mighty river. I came to know only today that these wonderful white grasses are known as Kans grass in English.

This September will bring love, hope and warmth to us again.

I wish you all a great first week of September!

p.c.: The Soul-Searcher (1st from the top) and Pixabay

Till we speak again,

Happy Soul-Searching!

Author: The SoulSearcher

The writer is a research scholar in English literature, an avid reader and sucker for life philosophies

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