20 Life Lessons for 2020

How are you my fellow Soul-Searchers?

I know it has been quite a long time now since I last posted. Things have been quite haywire actually, and there was quite a bit to set to order. So, I could not keep up with blogging. But I am back now. And I will hopefully be able to write to you all every week from now on. *fingers crossed*

Anyway, let us begin from the beginning then. How crazy it is that a decade has passed now and we are officially in 2020. How time flies, right? Well, what better way than to set goals for ourselves for 2020? So, here it goes.

20 Life Lessons for 2020

1. Take care of your health. Your health matters. Do not keep it for second or worse, the last. You have to be your utmost priority. If you cannot take care of yourself, you cannot do so for others. So, eat healthy and clean. (I will do another post discussing more on clean eating) Avoid added sugar. It has zero nutritional value and will only hamper your health. Eat lots of fruits instead. Drink atleast 3-4 litres of water a day. Eat in smaller quantities and at regular intervals. Eat less junk, fried and processed food. Avoid eating anything that comes in plastic packaging. They are toxic to our health. Sleep adequately.

2. Practice mindfulness in your daily life. Being present in everything that you do can work wonders for self. Feel each and everything that you do. Respect the food you eat by being completely present in the act. Feel the air around you by taking in long breaths and letting it cleanse you from inside. Concentrate on what you are reading and writing. Do not let your mind wander. This brings me to the next point.

3. Keep some time assigned as worry breaks. This may sound funny to us as it initially did to me. However, trust me, worry breaks make us less burdened. Keep some time of the day when we can reflect on our thoughts, concerns and deeds. This saves us a lot of time from worrying the whole day. And when we have a limited amount of time for self-reflecting, we can also arrive at conclusions. Think. Can you solve a particular matter at hand? If you can, work on it. If you cannot, let it be and work out itself.

4. Keep your mornings positive, quiet, slow, mindful and mostly for you. Morning shows the day. So, wake up early in the mornings to catch some fresh air and morning sun. And focus on yourself. You deserve some time for yourself.

5. Exercise. Exercise. Exercise. I cannot stress this enough. In today’s mostly sedentary lifestyle, we tend to grow lazy, ill and dull. Stretch your body. Just go for a walk for half an hour. You don’t need to get an expensive gym membership for that. I have learnt this the hard way. you don’t need to. So start from today.

6. Say no to things and people you think would be harmful to you. It is alright to say no. It does not make you selfish. Helping others is great but not at the cost of harming yourself.

7. Read more. Reading for pleasure is a great activity through which we can relax our minds and bodies. Make a to-be-read list and start today. It can include any kind of reading. But just read.

8. Think for the environment. We are probably the last generation who can do something to reverse the fast fading natural world. We can try and adopt a sustainable lifestyle and contribute in little ways to save the earth. This brings to me to the next point.

9. Buy less. Try to adopt a minimal lifestyle. Now, this does not mean throwing all that you have to switch to aesthetically pleasing products instead. Use whatever you have till they exhaust. Reuse what you can. Recycle what you can. And, next time, when you really need to buy something, be conscious of the environment. Avoid buying plastic and undecomposable elements then. 

10. Plant more trees. This does not need any more elaboration.

11. Always remember to focus on one problem at a time. We cannot solve everything in one flick of the finger. So it is better to focus on one problem at one time. Let that be the mantra of your life. Afterall, tomorrow is another day.

12. You cannot satisfy everyone. So do not even try to do that. People who matter to you will understand you. And those who do not understand you should not matter to you. This does not make us cynical and hateful. 

13. Be loving to everyone but be aware of yourself too. Love yourself too. 

14. Learn from your mistakes and try not to repeat them. You can always journal your growth as part of your personal thoughts on a diary. 

15. Make a time-table for your daily schedule. I have started bullet-journaling. Maybe I will talk of that in another post. But scheduling your day keeps you and your work organised. You can achieve a lot more this way.

16. Avoid negative thoughts and people who are bearers of negative thoughts and ideas. 

17. Listen more and speak less. Show some respect to the person who is talking to you by genuinely listening to the person. Do not be lost in your own thoughts, or worse, in your phone.

18. Be less engaged in your smartphone. It is only making us less smart. It is so sad to see people more glued to their phones than to real people and what is around you. Behold, the world is a beautiful place.

19. Spend more time with your family and loved ones. Time is transient. Make some memories while you can.

20. Keep up to your word. Whatever we have discussed today should be a part of our lifestyle, that which we can sustain. We will not be enlightened one fine day and say, “Oh, today is the day when I should start eating healthy.” That’s not going to happen. We can start from today and sustain it. My list may be different from yours but what you need to do is sustain a healthy lifestyle. Let us not make hefty promises today and forget them tomorrow.

Alright, that’s it for today. Today’s blog is pretty long, I think. But I hope you like reading it. Comment below and let me know your life lessons for 2020. Have a wonderful weekend. See you soon 🙂

Happy Soul-Searching!

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Author: The SoulSearcher

The writer is a research scholar in English literature, an avid reader and sucker for life philosophies

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