My Journey Towards a Healthy Lifestyle

How are you, dear Soul-Searchers?

After sharing my post on my 20 goals for 2020 with you guys, I have wanted to write this post for you all. While editing this, I realised that this is going to be pretty long. So I have decided to break this up in sections for your convenience. Maybe I will start a new series altogether on a healthy lifestyle. Let’s see, but for the time being, I hope you like reading this post.

Today I will share with you what triggered me to incline towards a healthy lifestyle. Here I go…

I had been diagnosed with Polycystic Ovarian Disorder years earlier. It was when I was in college in Delhi. I was pursuing my postgraduation. I was staying away from home and was exposed to different food habits and choices. I have always been a foodie. I love experimenting with food. I still am. But when in college, I used to live on street food. I often ordered in from different eateries nearby. I used to go out with my friends and eat in these fantastic places so much so that most of them knew our preferred choices!

And during the last year of my postgrads in Delhi, I fell sick often. Visits to the doctors, tests, medicines followed. I bought so many medicines from the nearby pharmacy, they gifted me a first-aid box that new year! Tests prove that I had PCOS, dust allergy, low calcium in my body, hypo-thalassemia minor (which was a genetic form of anaemia). These often resulted in frequent colds, and strong medicines led to an upset stomach.

I returned home after spending almost 6 years in Delhi. Simple home-cooked food gradually changed me and my body. I did not realise then that my ailments were slowly healing. I was still not aware of a healthy lifestyle, though. So the weight I had put on due to PCOS was not shedding off. The gynaecologists I visited only had one advice- shed those extra kilos, and you will be alright. Well, in the 21st century, try telling that to a career-oriented woman, or a man, for that matter! That was always my answer. Sounds familiar? So many pressures, hence binge-eating, pleasure eating, etc. does not make things easy. We all know this route, don’t we?

I stayed at home for 2 years, but I also had a day job. However, I soon got selected for a PhD course. And I again started staying in a hostel. The first year did not show any drastic results, but towards the next year, my body had once again given up. I gained more weight. There were side-effects of the PCOS showing. However, the sedentary lifestyle and constant worrying over my PhD and life, in general, had taken a toll on me. I could not get up from bed one day. My lower back ached severely. When I got my tests done, I came to know that an excessive amount of sitting at a desk and wrong posture had led to a bulged disc in my lower back. And what followed were more tests, more meds, physiotherapy sessions and visits to the doctors.

It was August 2019. And I decided one day to finally take matters in my own hand. I chose to own responsibility for what I have done to my body. I realised that all my ailments were lifestyle-related. So it was only me and me alone who could correct it.

It was one humid day in August that I started my journey towards a healthy lifestyle consciously. And I have, since then, never looked back.

The gynaecologists I had visited had always advised me to bring my weight to my ideal BMI (Body Mass Index). However, they told me to eat only roti (flatbread) and boiled veggies for every meal. I could never sustain that. So, I could never lose my extra kilos. But then, I never understood how losing weight should not be the ultimate goal. It is more about adopting a healthy, holistic lifestyle, one which we can sustain all our life. Today I understand this, and I love my lifestyle. I have seen positive results in my health now, but I realise this is an ongoing process. And I want to share this journey with you guys.

In the next blog post, we will talk about how body-shaming is not appropriate and how taking care of your health is different from body-shaming. Then I will share with you what exactly is a healthy lifestyle and why we should adopt one. I will also try to convince you that it is not tough taking a healthy lifestyle, and everyone can do that. It just requires a few changes here and there and some intelligent choices one should make.

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Have a lovely week ahead. Till then,

Happy Soul-Searching!

Author: The SoulSearcher

The writer is a research scholar in English literature, an avid reader and sucker for life philosophies

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