Surviving a Pandemic is Much More Than Making Dalgona Coffee

How are you dear Soul-Searchers? I hope you are safe and healthy.

In my last post we talked of being in the midst of a pandemic and how it is affecting so many of us. I wondered then that we would share our journeys as we survive this together.But before I start doing that, I want to tell you, this disasters affect us all in some but different ways. What you are having to experience is different from what I am experiencing.

We do not and cannot gauge each other’s ways and states of being. However, we can still be empathetic towards each other. At the very least, our reason is the same in this case: the virus.

That being said, I want to tell you that please remember that in desperate times as these one need not rise to the occasion to beat till one’s hands chop off to make Dalgona coffee or click selfies of oneself donating essential food to those in need and post them on your social media accounts. You simply do not need to do that if you do not feel like it. Surviving is not a competition. Well, Darwin is probably rolling in his grave right now!

What I am trying to say is surviving a pandemic does not merely come with competitions and challenges you post on social media accounts.

This does not mean that I am trying to belittle them. No. I understand how social media can and is in fact connecting everyone inspite of everything happening around. However, we need to remember that we are not bound to do these tasks. Surviving these times together means much more than social media challenges.

I had often wondered of altruism anyway. At this point in time, it is bothering my mind more.

Helping another living being should come naturally to us.

Is helping others so that you can post it on your social media account for your “friends” to shower compliments on you altruism?

We should be grateful for our existence in this world. We are witnessing how the earth is healing it seems. Atleast at times such as these, we should understand how the natural world is connected. Our gratitude should result from this very fact. We should be grateful if we have a roof over our head and two square meals to eat now. There are several who are suffering for the lack of these basic amenities.

While some of us do not get to eat, some of us post our attempts at making sumptuous dishes. While some of us are damaged being locked down in a large dysfunctional and abusive family, some of us post our attempts at making over our luxurious homes.

Different people, different stories.

I am not judging any of these. Well, live and let live, you see. But I am bothered of our mind sets actually. Will we as human beings learn of our comradeship? Will we see the stark divisions amongst us? Will we understand how we can actually live simply and not create a facade of it? Will we understand the need of sharing our resources with everyone? Will we understand the need to respect each and every existence in this natural world?

Only time will tell. But in the depths of my heart, I sincerely hope that we do realize and understand all that.

Well, there. Some food for thought for you all, I guess. I am trying to set myself back into a routine now. I will share with you all in my next post. Till then, stay safe, keep loving each other and,

Happy Soul-Searching!

Author: The SoulSearcher

The writer is a research scholar in English literature, an avid reader and sucker for life philosophies

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