I am doing Normal during this pandemic

How are you my fellow Soul-Searchers? It has been a very long time since I last blogged. Well, this pandemic does take a toll on us mentally and physically. You would know. But we are doing our best to deal with it in our own ways.

In the beginning of all this mayhem, I thought of writing a post for you all on how best we could adapt to this situation and I wanted it to be genuine. I thought very hard on it and what I was myself experiencing. And I couldn’t come up with anything except some feelings. I have realised how hard it is to positively look at this uncertainty, death, the fragility of human life. However, we still sail through the rocky seas and hard weather. I have realised that “normal” is so subjective and hyped. Maybe I am just rambling today but I am failing to tidy my thoughts. So bear with me. At times such as these, only poetry saves me. Here are some thoughts of mine woven into a poetic thread.

I am doing Normal.

The day saunters past

Time nibbling on time, hands on hands.

My heart seeks out the mellow morning gaze

Peeking through the cloudy blinds.

Pumping up blood in my running shoes.

I am doing Normal

I stretch my achy back

And my spine is comforted with old woes.

The morning kettle sings again

And satiates my very soul.

The roses are still pink

The crows still call.

The solar circle dances

As a dervish does

Spitting speckles of afternoon dust

All there was.

Tonight’s gonna be a wild night,

As most nights have been

With angels and demons

And all in-between.

I go to sleep on the same side

Lullabies of the faraway and unseen

Force me goodnight

Dancing on my Kindle screen.

Love and dreams linger

My drooping wet eyelids bend,

(And can’t you see?) I am doing Normal

Normal is the new trend.


Well, I don’t think I can tell you how to do it, how to cope with what we are facing now. I am not the best person to do so, you see. So I will not try. But there are things which are actually reassuring. And they are still hope and courage. And I like to think they are enough, for all of us. Remember, whatever you are doing to deal with the pandemic and however you are doing it, is alright for you. Stay safe.

Love ❤

pc: pixabay

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Happy Soul-Searching!

Author: The SoulSearcher

The writer is a research scholar in English literature, an avid reader and sucker for life philosophies

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