Friendship During the Time of Pandemic

Dear Soul-Searchers, I hope you are safe and well.

Social media, which is both a boon and a bane, is at least keeping so many people socially close when they are physically distant. If I ponder over this thought for a long time, I will find myself diving deeper and deeper into it and I do not at all wish to do so. So, let’s just keep this thought rested here.

Now I point you to this fact that we are engaging on social media a lot now-a-days, a lot more than before. I am so lazy in this aspect that even physical distancing could not spark any ignition into my reluctant heart. Hence, I end up not checking my Facebook at all, to the point that I do not even share my blog posts regularly there. Forget Instagram and Twitter; I have deleted the latter from my phone! What remains is the easier counterpart WhatsApp which I am guilty of using. Well, you know texting is easy there and you can most of the time choose to respond with single emoticons when you are dying not to speak even in your mind (I do not say that I do this every time. So do not judge me now).

Anyway, so, on this perfect Sunday evening, I was on my WhatsApp but not texting this time. I was checking everyone’s status. Well, now don’t tell me you don’t do that. Everyone is checking everyone’s status these days. That’s a lot of daily work, you would know. So, there on a friend’s WhatsApp status I find this interesting idea. I do not remember it verbatim now but the gist of which was:

If in the days of this lockdown, someone doesn’t call you or text you, or respond to your calls or texts, then you should know better whether or not that friendship is at all important to you.

I am sure, you must have seen this status too, right?

If I had to tell the truth, I did not quite know how to react to this. I was silently disturbed with this message that I had read. Finally and fortunately, after a few days, I saw another status another friend had shared (On WhatsApp, of course. No, I was still lazy to check the other social media platforms). The message this status shared was a response to the earlier one. The gist of it was:

It is amusing to see how human beings are inherently narcissists and so easily too, to only think of oneself as the sole significant being in the entire world of beings. A phone call and a text message is to gratify your significance in your friend’s life. A phone call and a text message can decide the fate of a friendship.

The most disturbingly hilarious part of it is, this was all in the name of bringing people socially closer when physically distant!

I do agree that checking on your loved ones when you cannot be physically with them is in fact a genuine show of affection. Oh, I understand that. Do not get me wrong.

But the messages do lay bare human being’s basic desires and more than that questions the very idea of friendship then, doesn’t it?

Come’n now, you must take me for some cold cantankerous woman in her late twenties who is experiencing her bouts of life crisis (I don’t what I should call this life crisis? Quarter? Mid? How do I know how long I am going to live?) Please, don’t think of me as such. I am just sharing these thoughts today in good humour. I hope you liked reading it and had a good laugh. I did. Well, at least I smiled, I think.

I will talk to you soon in my next blog post. Till then, stay safe, call and text your friends. Go ahead. Don’t forget to check on their physical and mental health after all the other stuff that you talk about. Cut them a slack if they do not respond to your calls and texts immediately. They must have some good reasons for doing that, I am sure. And, yes, I will keep you all in my good thoughts and prayers. Will that count as evidences enough of my friendship with you? 😉

P.S.:Image by Anastasia Gepp from Pixabay

Happy Soul-Searching!

Author: The SoulSearcher

The writer is a research scholar in English literature, an avid reader and sucker for life philosophies

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